Daniel Whately

Daniel Whately

Technical Director
Senior Geotechnical Engineer


[email protected]

027 242 1178

Daniel is our Delivery Manager and one of three HD Geo Directors.

He is actively involved with the delivery of projects, instilling our “HD Geo style” and has a strong technical background which he generously shares with those he mentors around him.

Daniel has a positive attitude towards learning and is passionate about working in a diverse team.

Professional Profile:

Daniel is a civil-geotechnical engineer from Brazil, with over 15 years of experience. His expertise includes foundation design, ground improvement, slope stability, and geotechnical engineering.

He moved to New Zealand with his family in 2019 and became part of the HD Geo team in 2020. Dan has had a consolidated career in Brazil, marked with diverse geotechnical challenges. As a technical manager at Keller Group, he gained extensive knowledge making his integration into the New Zealand geotechnical industry seamless.

Daniel’s expertise includes:

  • design of shallow and deep foundations
  • design of ground improvement techniques to remediate low-bearing soils and liquefaction effects
  • numerical modelling in geotechnical engineering
  • slope stability assessments
  • design of retaining structures

Daniel has a warm and personable manner when interacting with clients and staff, and a strong jovial presence that is hard to forget.