Emily Cleland

Emily Cleland

Managing Director
Senior Engineering Geologist


[email protected]

022 192 3898

Emily is committed, dedicated and determined in her role as Senior Engineering Geologist and Director of HD Geo. Not only is she skilled and intelligent, her enthusiasm and creativity is also evident in the way she relates to clients and the team.

Emily is described as approachable, empathetic, and has a great sense of humour!

Professional Profile

In 2014 Emily co-founded HD Geo Limited. Emily’s background is in Engineering Geology and over her career has specialised in land development and project management in the Waikato. Emily’s passion for growing strong business relationships coupled with the growth of HD has led to Emily taking on the role of Managing Director.

As a senior engineering geologist with over 13 years of geotechnical experience in the Waikato, she has worked for a range of projects and has had the chance to gain an extensive knowledge of the geology of this area. Emily holds a BSC degree in Earth Sciences and specialises in land development. As a member of Engineering New Zealand, Emily is enthusiastic about continuing to develop her technical background. Emily is passionate about the business and develops her skills through professional mentorship.

The company’s vision is to deliver smart specialist knowledge with integrity and attention. Emily’s ambition is to achieve that while also growing a truly “great place” to work. Further to this is Emily’s ability to understand the needs of all parties in a project and work with everyone to find a solution that benefits everyone.