We’re HD Geo and we make sure the ground is safe so people can build, travel, work, play and live safely.

In our world, geo-professionals get our job done with heart. We’re human, and if we’re doing our jobs well, working with us is a dream.

You might not see it, but that road you drive on is safe because of people like us. The house you live in, stands strong and stable because of people like us. That huge development in your town and community? It’s being built on land that has been made clean and safe by people like us.

Making the ground safe involves complex and variable conditions. Geo-professionals have traditionally been seen as technical geeks with rock collections (that statement isn’t far off base), but today, as well as geeking out over rocks, we also help people like you to achieve the things you want to do on safe ground.

We get to know you and your needs. Because everything works better when relationships are built on a solid foundation. We then take our technical expertise, look to see the big picture of your project, and come up with a smart solutions catered to you. And as a bonus: we make sure that you can understand what we’re doing and why.

What exactly do the team at HD Geo do?

Two things: Geotechnical engineering and environmental management of contaminated land. That’s it. We make ground safe, for projects and people.

At the heart of HD Geo are Emily and Andrew, who wanted to break the mould of traditional geo-professionalism that was overly formal, stuffy, and, fairly incomprehensible for the humans who were paying for it. The result? Over two thousand projects delivered to satisfied clients and an ever-expanding team.

HD Geo does geo better, and that’s good for business.

Smart thinking for projects.
Safe ground for people.

Be Human

It might be surprising but we believe that humans are human 100% of the time. At home as well as at work. And so, as modern technical professionals we drop the waffle and formalities. We cut through the crap. We know that real talk builds trust and relationships. So we show up as real people, all the time. We have each other’s back in our team. We’re human. And that’s good for business.

Be Smart

We might be very specialised in our work, but we take a much broader view when we come up with solutions for our clients. You might say we’re pragmatic. Holistic even. So we always step back and look at the bigger picture. When we’re smart, we’re more efficient. We stay calm under pressure. We find better solutions. We reduce risk for clients, give them more value, and everyone goes home happy (and smart).


We maintain a constant state of curiosity. Questioning, wondering, investigating, asking, Is there a better way? That’s how we evolve. Because the opposite of evolution is stagnation. It’s comfort. It’s being satisfied with the status quo. So we’re curious. We ask, we critique, we push, we learn. We evolve.