Our Vision

The geo-professionals you can trust

Our Mission

To deliver smart specialist knowledge with integrity and attention.

Our Values

Be Human

We believe that humans are human 100% of the time, at home as well as at work. And so, we drop the waffle and cut the crap, because real talk builds trust and relationships. We show up as real people and have each other’s back. We care about each other and the outcomes for our clients. Always do and always will.

Be Smart

We’re specialists, but we always take a broad view when we come up with solutions. We’re pragmatic, holistic even. When we’re smart, we’re effective. We find better outcomes, reduce risk, create more value, and everyone goes home happy (and smart).


We’re always curious, asking, is there a better way? If there is, we take it. That’s how we improve. So, we reflect, we critique, we push, we learn. We evolve.

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